The New Room

We started to prepare the gallery space today. Only a few more days until the opening night. This year we moved the gallery up onto the second floor of Canzani, into the presentation room. Previously the show was held in the B&E gallery, but it was so cramped. As the night went on more and more people would start flowing out the door. We don't have to worry anymore. This room is huge. We managed to up the number of 35 entries making it into the show, all the way up to 44. So, not only was this the largest AOI show with a submission count of 285 pieces, we have now moved it to a place that can really let the show breathe. Only a few more things left to do before the room is ready. 

Keep on checking back, for more updates on how the show is coming along, opening night photos, and after the show has closed, all of the entries posted here on the blog. After that, maybe even some news on next year's show.